Nashville's Quickest And Most Affordable Repairs/Setups:

We have put together a team of some of Nashville's best luthiers and repair techs so musicians aren't left waiting weeks for a simple repair/setup. We know how important it is for musicians to have access to affordable, professional, and efficient work on their gear.


Current Wait Times: (Updated Regularly)

Basic Setups: Same Day or 1-2 Business Days

We offer Nashville's quickest and most reliable setups for guitars and basses. We have an incredible team of local luthiers and guitar techs that make sure your guitar is set exactly how you want it and as soon as possible so you are able to get back to doing what you love!

Electronics Repair (Guitars/Basses/Pedals): Average 2-3 Business Days

Have a pedal that's gone bad? How about a pickup that died or maybe you have a crackling sound in your pickup switch? We can find the problem and fix it within a few days!

Guitar/Bass Amplifier Repair: Average 1-2 Weeks

We work with one of Nashville's most legendary and talented amp techs to help bring quick turnarounds and affordable prices to our customers.

Basic Setup - $65 (Nashville's Most Affordable, Reliable, And Quickest Setups)

We know how important it is to get your instrument back to you exactly how you want it. We make sure every guitar/bass that comes through our doors, plays perfectly when it leaves. We are Nashville's most affordable and quickest turnaround time (Same Day or 1-2 Business Days).

A Caldwell Guitars Nashville Setup Includes:

Improved Playability, Electronics Cleaning, Body And Neck Cleaning, Action Set To Customer Preferred Specs, Bridge/Neck/Nut Adjustments, And Optional Restring


We can repair any vacuum tube amp of any amp brand, ever

We quote amplifier repairs on a case-by-case basis, depending on what needs to be done.

Here's a few examples of amp work we can do:

Power Tube Changes

Filter Cap Replacement

- Bias Adjustments

- Re-Tube

- Replace Components

- Amp Cleaning

- Restore Original Circuits (restoring modded amps back to their original circuit specs)


Electronics Repair (Guitars/Basses/Pedals)

We quote electronics repairs on a case-by-case basis, depending on what needs to be done.

We have an amazing local repair tech who gets work done within days!

Here's a few examples of electronics work we can do:

- Pickup Installation

- Parts Installation

- Rewiring (if a wire is loose in your instrument/pedal, we can fix it!)

- Loaded Pickguard Installation

- Repair Non-Functioning Effects Pedals


We Do All Other Work By A Case-By-Case Basis! We Do Guitar, Bass, Pedal, And Amp Repairs!

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Silas Caldwell

Silas Caldwell is a musician and entrepreneur that has established himself as one of Nashville's up-and-coming artists and businessmen. Born and raised in North Mississippi, Silas has taken in the sounds of North Mississippi since birth. He founded Caldwell Guitars Nashville at just fourteen years old and the business has enjoyed success in its first year.

Silas is also the founder of the North Mississippi Hill Country Archives Non-Profit, which aims to preserve the history of the hill country blues and help educate others about some of the world's most unique and historic music.

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