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Caldwell Guitars Nashville

1972 Alvarez 5023

1972 Alvarez 5023

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These vintage, made in Japan, Alvarez’s are notorious as some of the best quality acoustics for a lot less than a vintage name brand like Martin or Gibson. Frankly, this D-28 style guitar has about a 2k value compared to guitars of that price and more. This guitar is in fantastic shape, sounds and plays amazing. It has a few dings and wears on the finish, but otherwise is in fantastic shape.  The truss rod nut is beginning to strip and will need to get repaired eventually. But the neck is in good shape, currently setup with thirteen gauge strings.  The adjustable saddle also makes for easy work arounds and flexibility.  It’s equipped with a k&k pure mini and is sincerely a beautiful instrument at an awesome value.  Comes with NOHSC.

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