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Caldwell Guitars Nashville

1978 Fender MusicMaster Bass

1978 Fender MusicMaster Bass

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The Fender MusicMaster basses are easily one of our favorite basses ever manufactured. From 1971-1981 these awesome short-scale basses found their way in to the homes of players. Until recently, they didn’t exactly stand out. Now, they’re all the craze. Get your hands on this one!
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Beautifully crafted body made from solid alder. Solid-Body constructions deliver instant response, a lot of attack and sustain and perfect feedback resistance.
The tone of alder is often said to be the most balanced of the regularly used tonewoods. It provides a good balance of low, mid and high range.

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Fitted with a single vintage Fender pickup in the middle position. The pickup is original to the bass.


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