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Caldwell Guitars Nashville

1978 Fender Telecaster

1978 Fender Telecaster

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Here we have an awesome telecaster from the late seventies.  This guitar has aged well and been taken great care of, yet has also gotten plenty of play to give it a worn in, vintage feel and sound. The serial number indicates that the guitar was made in 1978, but the neck stamp reads 1982, leading us to believe that this guitar possibly never left the shop until that year.  The pots, pickup selector and neck pickup are the only non-original pieces on this guitar.  Plus at one point someone routed the guitar to fit a humbucker in the neck position.  Considering the modification, this would be an easy tele for anyone looking to put a humbucker in the neck of one.  The rosewood fingerboard provides warm tone alongside this guitars natural twangy qualities.  This tele is on the heavier side at 9.7lbs, providing plenty of sustain.  Setup, playing very well and comes with the OHSC.  

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