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Caldwell Guitars Nashville

2023 Tungsten “Krispy Krema” (New)

2023 Tungsten “Krispy Krema” (New)

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The Krispy Crema is a new model with a familiar lineage. It’s a 25 watt, cathode biased 6L6 amp driving a Celestion Creamback M65 speaker. When compared to the Crema Wheat, the Krispy Crema is a touch louder, with a more full midrange and less crunch on top. The distortion ramp up in the higher part of the volume pot range is even more linear than the Crema Wheat, and there is 20% less capacitance overall in the circuit giving you more a direct connection between strings and speaker. If warmth and fatness is your thing, we are serving them HOT.

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