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3rd Power Kitchen Sink 6VEL & 2x12 Cabinet

3rd Power Kitchen Sink 6VEL & 2x12 Cabinet

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We’re excited to be Nashville’s exclusive walk-in dealer for 3rd Power Amps! These incredible amps are handmade right here in Nashville, Tennessee! These amps are our favorite amps we’ve ever played and have amazing touch sensitivity and great tones at every turn. Every 3rd Power Amplifier comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty.


From 3rd Power:

If you can hear it in your head, you’ll find it right here in the Kitchen Sink. The elegantly designed control panel puts essential American and British guitar amp tones instantly at your fingertips. And the new 6VEL model cranks up the sonic immersion in every way, with a wide variety of tube options, layered (blend-able) American and British clean voices, JTM, JMP and “Jose” era Plexi voices, switchable rectifier modes, Hybrid-Master™, as well as a powerful channel/scene-change foot control switching system all built in.



• Two Foot-switchable Channels (Clean and Dirty)
• Clean Channel: Black/Brownface, AC and Top Boost
•“Big Knob” Blend Control on CH.1
• Dirty Channel: Multi-voiced Plexi (JTM, JMP, ‘Jose’)
• Preamp Gain Boost (foot switchable)
• 6V6 (20W) or EL34 (40W) Operation
• Back-panel Bias Test Points and Adjustment Pot
• Switchable Tube or SS Power Supply Rectifier
• Tube FX Loop (foot switchable)
• Tube Reverb (channel assignable)
• Foot-switchable Solo Boost
• True-Stereo 2x12 Cabinet
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


Our Final Thoughts:

In our own words, the 3rd Power "Kitchen Sink" is easily the most versatile amplifier ever made. With the ability to switch between seven different amplifiers (Black/Brownface, AC and Top Boost, JTM, JMP, and 'Jose'). The Kitchen Sink is famously used by Neal Schon.


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