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A Bothered Mind - R.L. Burnside (Vinyl)

A Bothered Mind - R.L. Burnside (Vinyl)

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Remaining true to our North Mississippi roots, we have collaborated with Fat Possum Records (Oxford, Mississippi) to bring their catalog and merchandise to our Nashville storefront and website!

“Give me a little time to think, while I mix me another motherfucking drink.”
- RL Burnside

1. Detroit Boogie, Pt. 1

2. See What My Buddy Done

3. Shake 'Em on Down

4. Goin' Down South

5. My Name Is Robert Too

6. Someday Baby

7. Go to Jail

8. Bird Without a Feather

9. Glory Be

10. Goin' Away Baby

11. Rollin' and Tumbln'

12. Stole My Check

13. Detroit Boogie, Pt.2


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