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Airline H44 DLX

Airline H44 DLX

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A Note From Airline:

Airline is all about celebrating the unique style and guitar innovation that came out of mid-century Chicago. One of the earliest and most sought-after by collectors is the Harmony H44. Introduced way back in 1952, the Harmony remained in the spotlight for many years, being used by artists Richie Valens, Tom Waits, and more recently The Tallest Man on Earth to name just a few.

We’ve recreated here a two pickup DLX version of the H44, retaining what makes this short-body, fat-neck icon feel and sound amazing. Dual mini humbuckers evoke and improve upon the feel and response of the original’s lower-output DeArmond “Hershey Bar” pickup. Three way switching allows room to experiment, and dial in a ‘strata’ of perfect tones with a truck load of vintage vibe.

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