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Caldwell Guitars Nashville

Baum Guitars Backwing

Baum Guitars Backwing

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A Note From Baum Guitars:

The Backwing is a wild one. It makes you stand out on stage. Will it make you play better on stage? Perhaps. Will it make you look better on stage? Definitely. Fitted with a set of Goldsound Goldbuckers: a mini-humbucker that is clearer and cleaner than full-sized humbuckers. The high output will easily push your amp into natural overdrive and open a plethora of harmonics. Turn the volume knob down, and it will clean up nicely while remaining bright and clear.

This is Backwing #BW00036

Core specs:

  • 25.5″ Scale length
  • Mahogany body
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood 12″ fretboard
  • Stop Tail
  • Baum Levitator Rollerbridge
  • Pickups: Goldsound Goldbucker (Mini-Humbucker)


(Includes Baum Hard Case)

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