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Caldwell Guitars Nashville

Catalinbread Adineko

Catalinbread Adineko

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A note from Catalinbread:

Original oil can delays were known for their inconsistency and for being somewhat maintenance-heavy — but their effects were mysteriously cool. That's why Catalinbread decided to make a digital version of the oil-filled mechanical delays (among other Catalinbread pedals available at Caldwell Guitars Nashville). The result of their efforts is a user-friendly, reliable delay pedal with modern precision that still offers up the retro vibe and swirly sonic goodness of an old oil can unit.

The self-avowed gearheads at Catalinbread focus on making musical devices that they want to use themselves — "gear that gets us excited and inspires us to play." The result of that authentic focus and unwavering integrity is the type of innovation that isn't market-driven; Catalinbread creates its own market for products players love, whether overdrive, delay/reverb, fuzz/distortion, or tremolo/modulation pedals (many of which are available at Caldwell Guitars Nashville). The Adineko Oil Can Delay is a great example of Catalinbread's exciting, inspiring innovation.
Under-promise and over-deliver

You're getting more than the name of this pedal implies; the Catalinbread Adineko Delay Pedal is actually a hybrid, with both reverb and delay effects and controls. Right on top is a Viscosity knob that has the power to channel the sloshy warble of the originals; to its left is the Reverb control, and to its right is the Timing adjustment for the delay (up to one second). You also get a Blend knob for dialing in the perfect amount of the effect— anywhere from 100% wet to 100% dry — and a balance knob (the two playback heads are on a continuous mixer) for selecting the perfect ratio of dominance between the short-delay and long-delay heads. And the Adineko's high-quality latch occupies prime real estate with plenty of space around it, so you needn't fear accidentally changing your settings when stomping on the footswitch.
Consistency and flexibility in one

Original oil-can units used a rotating disc inside of a paint can filled with oil, and as the oil heated up, the disc's ability to hold the electrostatic input voltages would decline. Catalinbread has solved this problem — in fact, turned it on its head — with the aptly named Viscosity knob, which lets you actually choose the modulation depth rather than being at the mercy of the laws of thermodynamics. To address the fact that most vintage units had fixed delay and vibrato times, Catalinbread engineered the Adineko with a Timing knob that lets you set the delay time anywhere up to one second. All of this precise control lets you express your musical creativity more freely and efficiently (and without the risk of getting shocked by an improperly grounded vintage can)
Catlinbread Adineko Oil Can Delay Pedal Features:

Digital delay footswitch pedal with both reverb and delay effects and controls
Emulates the retro vibe of mechanical, oil-filled paint cans — without their problematic issues
Viscosity (modulation depth), Timing, Reverb, Blend, and Balance controls are within easy reach
High-quality footswitch has plenty of room around it to prevent accidental setting changes
Made in the USA 

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