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Eastwood BB-02 Clip Compressor

Eastwood BB-02 Clip Compressor

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A note from Eastwood:

Based on the classic 70’s Dyna Comp circuit (keeping the Attack and Clip controls at 0 and using just Level and Sustain gives an accurate recreation of the Dyna Comp), but with added functionality from the Attack and Clip controls.

SUSTAIN is an interactive control… as you increase its value the compressor’s Threshold, Ratio, and Release values change dynamically. Subtle compression effects are found at lower settings where you can ’tune’ the response to your instrument. Higher settings lower the Threshold, increase the Ratio amount, and make the Release faster. You will know it’s working!

ATTACK allows you to shape the initial response of the compression and alter the transients to taste. Think of this as a PICK ATTACK control…the higher the setting the more you hear the sound of your pick.

CLIP adjusts the input gain and also acts as a sidechain High-Pass Filter (HPF) that reduces the CLIP CMPR’s reaction to low frequencies as you increase the control. Great for reducing ‘swampiness’ in the compressor and making it more transparent. (This also makes the CLIP CMPR great on bass!)

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