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Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal

Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal

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A Note From Gamechanger Audio:


The LIGHT Pedal is based on a mechanical spring reverb tank.

The incoming audio signal is converted into mechanical vibrations by an input transducer (a spring exciter), and a similar transducer is used at the output stage to convert the spring's vibrations back into audio signal.

Due to the springs' elasticity, even a short impulse can cause extended vibrations – this is how the traditional reverb effect is achieved. Plate reverbs use the same principle to excite large, resonant sheets of metal.

However, due to energy dissipation, by the time vibrations travel along the length of the springs and reach the output transducer, most of the harmonic content of the input signal is lost, and the output is mostly composed of the spring’s own resonant frequencies. This is why all spring reverbs have a particular sound.

The LIGHT Pedal explores a new way of picking up the spring's vibrations - using multiple sets of infrared optical sensors (acting as photoelectric pickups) placed carefully at different positions along the length of the springs.

This method allows to capture the spring tank's full range of movement and pick up a much wider range of frequencies, harmonics, overtones and textures that are otherwise lost in the mechanical reverberation process.


Digital algorithms provide amazing flexibility and limitless sound-shaping capabilities, but they haven’t been able to recreate the warmth and organic quality of analog reverb systems. The LIGHT Pedal's optical sensor technology was developed to extract a wide range of new reverb textures out of a fully analog system. The result is an extensive palette of analog reverb sounds that simply cannot be compared to or emulated by digital algorithms.


The LIGHT Pedal offers six types of unique reverb effects, which are achieved by modulating the optical sensor system and exciting the spring-tank. Each effect type can be adjusted with the CTRL knob.

The GATE knob controls a built-in dynamic envelope that lets you achieve gated or ducking reverb effects.


The LIGHT Pedal is a true analog mono reverb system. It features an assignable expression pedal input (normally assigned to the FX control knob), as well as an innovative shock sensor designed to eliminate unwanted spring-noise caused by mechanical impacts, stomping, and stage-rattle.

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