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Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 Memphis (Owned by McKinley James)

Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 Memphis (Owned by McKinley James)

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The Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 (Memphis), has been owned by McKinley James (highly-acclaimed blues artist).

Crafted in the now-closed Memphis Custom Shop, this guitar embodies the artistry and dedication that defined that era. The closed shop adds an extra layer of exclusivity, as these guitars are no longer in production, making each one a rare and sought-after piece. Its history intertwines with the rhythm and melodies of the artists who graced its frets, making it a testament to the enduring spirit of musical craftsmanship. Available solely at Caldwell Guitars, this ES-335 invites you to connect with its rich history.

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Beautifully crafted maple semi-hollow body design with laminated top, back, and sides. Semi-hollow constructions are a perfect balance between solid-body and hollow-body tones. Essentially, a hollow-body without the excessive feedback and preserving solid-body flavors.

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Fitted with its original Gibson Memphis Custom Shop humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions. These provide transparent tones and sounds. 3-Way pickup selector switch.

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