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Mississippi Hill Country Blues - R.L. Burnside (Vinyl)

Mississippi Hill Country Blues - R.L. Burnside (Vinyl)

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Remaining true to our North Mississippi roots, we have collaborated with Fat Possum Records (Oxford, Mississippi) to bring their catalog and merchandise to our Nashville storefront and website!

1. Miss Maybelle

2. House up on the Hill

3. Gone so Long

4. Skinny Woman

5. See What My Buddy Done

6. Don't Care How Long You're Gone

7. Lost Without Your Love

8. Shake 'Em on Down

9. Bad Luck and Trouble

10. Just Like a Woman

11. Grehound Bus Station

12. Crying Won't Make Me Stay

13. Rolling and Tumbling

14. Mellow Peaches

15. I Believe

16. Poor Boy

17. Poor Black Mattie

18. Jumper on the Line

19. Long Haired Doney

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