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Moth Electric P. Isabella Fuzz/Distortion

Moth Electric P. Isabella Fuzz/Distortion

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P. Isabella is a Fuzz/Distortion based on an old Russian classic with carefully selected tonal and quality of life improvements.

  • Robust EQ section capable of delivering ear piercing highs and thunderous lows. Mids control with a sweep ranging from the classic scooped curve to a flatter, more mids heavy curve. Ideal for standing out in the mix.

  • Powerful clean blend for introducing either your clean signal or whatever effect unit you put in front of the P. Isabella into the equation. Results in a more dynamic response with more of your amp’s natural character blended in with the fuzz. Blending in an overdrive can create complex, layered dirt sounds. Particularly useful for bassists who want preserved presence and articulation. Fully counterclockwise is full wet, fully clockwise is full dry.

  • Classic and Modern modes. Classic is sonically close to a Tall Font Green Russian, with it’s characteristic growl and low end. An expanded EQ section greatly expands the versatility of the classic circuit. Modern mode features significantly increased output to push your amp to it’s limits and a less compressed, more open sound with more high frequencies preserved.

  • Built entirely by hand with through-hole construction in the USA using the highest quality components available. Hardware includes Gorva soft switching footswitches, Lumberg top-mounted DC and In/Out jacks and Alpha potentiometers. Components include all metal film resistors, WIMA film caps and Panasonic electrolytic caps.

  • Wired for true bypass.

  • Controls: Tone, Mid, Fuzz, Volume, Blend, C/M switch.

  • Requires 9v DC center negative power supply. Not included. Current draw of P. Isabella is 6 mA.

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