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Acorn Amps “Solid State Preamplifier”

Acorn Amps “Solid State Preamplifier”

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A faithful recreation of the Peavey amp made famous by Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age) and many more.

From Acorn Amps:

 Can you say…Mississippi Marshall!?! A pedal inspired by some of the most iconic rock music from the past four decades. A studio secret weapon for achieving wiry and aggressive tones for guitar, bass, and even drums and vocals. The latest release from Acorn Amplifiers, the Solid State Preamplifier, is your way to recreate those highly sought after sounds. Packed into a slim pedal enclosure and loaded with features, the Solid State Preamplifier features the ‘normal’ and ‘saturated’ channels as foot-switchable tone modes, as well as an added ‘thick’ switch that provides heavy low end and added gain. Also, without the added cost of the power amp circuitry, the Solid State Preamplifier is nearly half of the price of the original Acorn Solid State Amp/Preamp.

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