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Acorn Amps “Solid State Amp / Preamp Pedal”

Acorn Amps “Solid State Amp / Preamp Pedal”

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From Acorn Amps:
In a 2021 interview, a relatively overlooked low-wattage practice amp was revealed to be a studio secret weapon for achieving wiry and aggressive tones for guitar, bass, and even drums and vocals. The latest innovation from Acorn Amplifiers, the Solid State, is a full circuit recreation of that now-mythic amp packed into a pedal enclosure and loaded with features.  This is not just a preamp in a pedal box. The Acorn Amps Solid State incorporates the TDA series class-AB power amp device that was utilized in the original amp design, giving you the most authentic reproduction available in a modern pedal format. From spanky, bright cleans to ultra-gain breakup, the Acorn Solid State is a complete guitar amp that fits on your pedalboard in a standard 1590BB enclosure. Two separate output jacks allow the Solid State to be used as either a preamp in your pedal chain or as a standalone 10 watt amplifier plugged directly to a speaker cab; they can even be used together at the same time. Additionally, a toggle switch lets you select between sending the signal out before or after the power amp circuit for maximum tonal versatility.

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